Our well-trained puppy program is a specialized training program that provides puppies with advanced training, socialization, and care to help them become well-behaved and happy dogs. Our trainers work closely with each puppy to teach them basic commands, proper leash etiquette, and positive reinforcement techniques. The program also exposes puppies to different environments, situations, and people to promote their socialization and emotional well-being. At the end of the program, our well-trained puppies are ready for adoption, and we offer ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition into their new homes.

My name is


Born Feb 2nd 2023
Puppy Sold


Hey guys! My name is Gulliver, I'm an F1 Irish doodle, and I plan on being the coolest puppy in the neighborhood. People can't resist my charming personality, and my handsome smile. If you choose me, we will have a great life together.


No puppies at this time.

Currently all of our puppies have found homes.

But we hope to have some exspecting mothers soon.

Please check back soon.

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