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Premier Breeders of Bernedoodles, Cavapoos, Goldendoodles, Havapoos, and Shih-Poo Puppies

We are ethical breeders using an empowering puppy curriculum to ensure all of our puppies are happy, healthy, and a joy to own.

Puppy Lovin Kennels

Who We Are

We are James & Tonya Wallick, a husband and wife team of Ethical dog breeders that prioritize the health and well-being of our dogs over profit. We provide proper care, socialization, and never inbreed to ensure our puppies are healthy and have a good temperament. We are breeders who are transparent about our breeding practices and allow you to meet the parents and see the living conditions of our dogs.

Puppy Lovin Kennels

We Love Our Dogs

Our goal is to provide you with a Happy & Healthy Puppy that will provide you with years of enjoyment and companionship We follow a strict vaccination and deworming protocol, along with a healthy nutrition regime.

All of our dogs and puppies are monitered daily and given lots of love & TLC. As a result, they tend to be a little spoiled at times.

Puppy Lovin Kennels

Safe and Clean Environment

Our facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily. All dogs are provided with clean bedding and toys daily. Additionally, we have a grooming and bathing station at our facility.

Puppy Lovin Kennels

Which Doodle is Right For Me?

The best doodle breed for you depends on your lifestyle, energy level, and personality. If you like to stream movies and chill on the couch, a calm Doodle might be the best fit for you. If you enjoy the outdoors and love being active, a high energy Doodle may be a good choice.

Puppy Lovin Kennels

Why You Should Own A Doodle?

  • They are considered to be hypoallergenic and low-shedding making them a great choice for people with allergies.
  • Personality! Doodles are known for being incredibly friendly and outgoing, and they love to play!
  • Intelligent! Doodles are very smart, making them easy to train, which is why you see more & more Doodles as Service and Therapy Dogs.

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Willow is an AKC registered Pure Bred Bernese Mountain Dog. She loves to play ball and chase with the other dogs. She is very friendly and lovable.

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Cream Willow

Our Beautiful Cream Willow is very loving and enjoys attention from her humans. She is AKC registered. She likes playtime and is well socialized. Her coat is very light and soft and needs brushed regularly to help minimize shedding.

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Tammy is our little lovebug that loves getting attention from her humans. She is the perfect cuddle dog. She enjoys playing and running around in the yard with all of our other dogs and puppies. She is a great Mom to her puppies and is proud to show them off.

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Snowball is our little acrobat that loves to climb and jump from high places. She is very sweet & lovable and enjoys cuddling. She socializes well with other dogs her size. She did a fabulous job at being a first-time momma.

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Cavalier King Charles are toy-sized bundles of love, with beautiful large round eyes that are a breed hallmark. Yes, they are known for being lapdogs, but they are also sporting dogs, natural athletes, with their agility and obedience. Cavaliers were originally bred for companionship; however, they excel at making great therapy dogs. The Cavalier King Charles comes in 4 colors, making the patterns and colors of their coat distinct.

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Roxie is a Cavalier King Charles and is AKC registered. She is so sweet and loving. She will snuggle all day. She plays well with other dogs and loves children. Roxie enjoys being pampered, playing with toys, and running in the yard.

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Pearl is a beautiful little girl that is always happy. At first meeting, she is quite shy until after she knows you. She is very loving and full of joy. She enjoys playing with her toys and other dogs.

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Pippa is a little dog with a huge personality! She is outgoing and friendly; she loves to play and snuggle. She socializes well with other dogs. Pippa enjoys being outdoors and running through the yard.

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Patience is a bit timid at first. However, once she warms up, she is a little lovebug. She enjoys playtime, running outdoors, and of course doggie treats.

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