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Meet James & Tonya Wallick - Ethical Dog Breeders
At our kennel, we are committed to providing you with a Happy & Healthy Puppy that will bring you years of companionship. We prioritize our dogs' well-being over profit, and our breeding program reflects that. Growing up around dogs, we both share a deep love and compassion for them. We know firsthand the joy a furry friend can bring into your life, as well as the heartache that comes with losing them. Our breeding journey began in 2017 with our Jack Russell's, Isaac and Isabella. Our first litter was a complicated one, and it ended in a C-section for Isabella. We provided around the clock bottle feeding for weeks until she recovered and could nurse the puppies herself. We were over the moon for those little pups, and it was bittersweet to sell them. After seeing the happiness they brought to their new families, we knew we wanted to expand our doggie family. We added a state-of-the-art kennel to our home with a separate indoor play area for our dogs. We never inbreed, provide proper care and socialization, and prioritize health and good temperament. Our breeding practices are transparent, and we encourage you to meet the parents and see our dogs' living conditions. We are James & Tonya Wallick, and we are ethical dog breeders dedicated to providing you with a companion that will bring you joy for years to come.

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